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Uptime is money, and when mission-critical systems are offline, every second counts. Despite this obvious fact, many companies fail to execute server restores quickly because they do not appreciate the complexity of the task until the time comes. Too often companies spin their wheels simply trying to get systems to the point where restores can begin. Precious time is wasted installing operating systems and configuring hardware, or chasing down the people skilled enough to perform these complicated tasks, or both. Because server restores can be very stressful to the individuals involved, inevitably mistakes are made, jeopardizing the integrity of the restore or even forcing the process to be restarted. As the number of servers grows, the impacts of these challenges increase exponentially.

As a trusted expert partner, Techmart will help you to plan and implement a successful and efficient data protection strategy. Techmart Storage consultants can cope with the complexity of your backup and disaster recovery requirements and will help you to overcome these challenges. Our services cover the whole solution life-cycle including strategy planning, implementation, support and maintenance. We guide you through all the steps necessary to implement a proper backup solution.